Welcome to State-Ends! This is a blog for everyone who wants to know more about transportation and roads. The roads, public transportation services, and automobiles play such a big role in our everyday lives. Without it, we will have trouble getting to work or the store or visit family in another state. Transportation and roads are essential to our day-to-day functioning and activities and we would struggle without it.

Because of the importance of these systems, we decided to start a blog that relates to all things road, transportation, and travel. We talk about the benefits of public transportation, how roads are built, the history of cars and other transportation, and much more. The world of transportation and the systems that make it possible can be very complex and very interesting.

State-Ends has a high-energy team of 5 that keep this blog alive and kicking. All our team members are passionate about writing and sharing information about different topics. Because of the versatility of our team and each person’s interests, you will find a wide variety of interesting articles that touch on every topic related to transportation.

We invite anyone who loves to learn more and understand how things work, to stick around and gain some knowledge and have a few laughs. Some of our writers get a bit quirky at times.