6 Interesting Facts About Transportation and its History

Transportation is one of the things that have changed drastically over the last several hundred years. We went from waterways to railways to highways. Transportation systems and methods have evolved and progressed so drastically that some methods are no longer in use or used very rarely. In future transportation will continue to evolve and progress and soon we will all be driving in flying cars. Throughout the development of transportation, as we know it today, many interesting things happened. Let’s look at a few of these interesting facts about transportation.

Donkeys and horses were domesticated for transportation in 4000BC. Horses were used in Mesopotamia and donkeys in Egypt. They are still used for transport methods in certain places, but today horses are mainly used for recreational purposes.

Trains carry the largest amount of freight. Approximately 40% of the world’s freight is carried by trains. This number continues to increase every year and is up there with air transportation.

There are more cars than people in some places. In the year 1900, there were 8 000 cars owned by Americans. By the year 1920, this number increased to 8 million and in 2000, there were more than 220 million cars owned by Americans. At that point, this number was more than the number of people in America over the age of 18.

The United Stated of America has 3 980 817 miles of road. Of this, there is 2 605 331 miles paved and 1 375 486 unpaved. That is a lot of roads.

Andrew Jackson was the first American president to ride the railways. In 1833, he traveled from Baltimore to Ellicott’s Mills and made history for America.

The first tractor-trailer was made in 1914. When a customer asked Charles Fruehauf for a vehicle that could haul a boat, he invented a trailer to do just that. That was the first invention of a trailer.

There are many more interesting facts to share, but for now, we leave you with that. The development of the transportation system and vehicles is fascinating and can keep us busy for days.

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