5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Making Use of Public Transportation

Transportation makes the world go round and keeps many businesses alive and trading. The transportation system in any country is very important for its functioning and economics. However, it also has some health benefits. Public transportation can be a much healthier option for both people and the environment. Here is why you should consider leaving your car at home and taking the bus.

1. Using public transportation gives you much-needed exercise. People who use public transportation have to walk between stops and often need to walk to their final destination. This gives them approximately the necessary amount of exercise that we all need daily.

2. Using public transport reduces stress. This may sound strange, but it is true. Public transportation takes people to school and work every day. It gives access to several recreational activities that you may otherwise not be able to attend. It also creates a community cohesion because people get to meet each other and form relationships.

3. Using public transportation is safer than driving a car. The chances of fatal accidents while riding the bus or train is much lower than the chances in a car. Even if the bus were to get in an accident, the chances of fatalities are also lower than that of a car accident.

4. Public transportation is more environmentally friendly. The more cars on the road, the more pollution we have. If more people used public transportation, there would be less pollution. To add to that, many of the buses and trains have been or are being upgraded to vehicles that use alternative fuels and produce less pollution.

5. Using public transportation saves you money. It is much cheaper to take the bus or train than to drive yourself everywhere. Owning a car is expensive because it’s not only gas that you need to pay but car payments, insurance, maintenance, and repairs.

Bottom line, using public transportation will benefit you, your pocket, and the environment. It may take some getting used to, but see of you can start using public transportation more often and save on gas and reduce pollution.

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